Finding True North: a festival for the likeminded

Journey true north, Mindfulness

We are off on a break, sans digital devices and surrounded by trees. I can’t wait. At the same time, this weekend, a happy group of likeminded people are heading to Cockatoo Island in Sydney to enjoy a whole lot of yoga, meditation, music and mindful living at the Wanderlust Festival.

While this is new to me, it sounds like just my kind of event. It even reminds you to Find True North!

The good news is, Wanderlust festivals are held all over the world. So, if it’s your kind of event too, take a look see. And enjoy your week.


[n] a strong or irresistible desire to
Travel • Practice Yoga • Listen to Music
Eat Well • Be Green • Appreciate Art
and create a community around mindful living


Image borrowed from the Festival. Thank you – have a great event!


3 thoughts on “Finding True North: a festival for the likeminded

  1. Enjoy the wonderful weekend ahead! This festival sounds amazing! There’s one in Vermont which is about 8-10 hours from NYC so it’s not too far! I’d love to go to the one Down Under though!
    Enjoy and hope you’ll post more about it:)


    1. Hi Lia, It does sound brilliant, doesn’t it? We are actually off camping elsewhere in another state but I’m thinking that we might look out for the festival next year. More fabulous travel options – tempting indeed!

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