Travelling true north is about finding centre.

Life throws strange and interesting challenges that steer us away from the person we think we are, from the activities we most enjoy – the things that keep us grounded and sane! Travelling true north is my way of travelling back – to find the same centre. Or an even-better new one.

So, this is my trip. And perhaps yours. Heading towards calm, focus and contentment. True north.

About me

I  am a freelance writer and editor living in southern Australia where the food is moreish and the weather creative.  I have two delightful, small children, a husband, an ageing cat and a major house renovation on the way.  I love creative thinking, inspiration, journeying and smiles.

Thanks for stopping by.

Freelance writing

For more information about my freelance experience, please comment and I’ll reply.

Thank you.

Please note: All content posted on Travelling True North is copyright, including photography. I appreciate enquiries to reuse any content. Thank you.


24 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful blog — I’m on the journey myself, and have resolved to discover and comment on a positive blog every day of 2014. I am chronicling my travels on my own blog, and have added your site as today’s entry. 🙂


      1. For the past few months I’ve mainly been writing about self-nurturing and de-cluttering, which seem to go together because one doesn’t feel properly nurtured when surrounded by clutter. The overall theme of my blog is modern life and the stories we tell ourselves about it.


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