A week of happiness #18

A week of happiness, Journey true north

This week I am grateful for many things. Here are just a few.

Nature, with all its delicate moments:


For things, both simple, and functional:


And for golden hour – with the return of stunning sunshine:

Sunset 4

What were the joys for you this week?

Thanks to A New Life Wandering for this delightful idea.


13 thoughts on “A week of happiness #18

  1. Hooray! I look forward each week to your Week of Happiness post!
    Your shots are gorgeous…what an incredible spider’s web and golden hour! And the park bench macro shot is super too…Bravissima!
    The joys for me this week were getting in a good workout today and the gym and preparing for a Moroccan tagine recipe that I’ll cook today for lunch! I’m sure it’ll be delicious but I haven’t yet made it, so let’s see!
    Have a super start to the new week! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…one of my favorite holidays!
    All the best,

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    1. Thanks Mani. They may indeed be abstract – something about photographing a park bench does seem a little left field doesn’t it? And yet, it was such a satisfying item to photograph. And so much easier than my favourite moving talent targets of children, and pets…


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