A few weeks of happiness – #20 – 22

A week of happiness, Journey true north

Well, it’s the end of a holiday Monday, and the softness of autumn is well in the air. Thanks to many things for a very nice few weeks. We are very grateful.

Thanks especially to a two part holiday. Camping in the trees:


Time at the beach:


And lots of time, to play:


How was your week?

Thanks to A New Life Wandering for this delightful idea.


4 thoughts on “A few weeks of happiness – #20 – 22

  1. Hi there! I’m glad all is well with you!
    Looks like a few weeks of happiness indeed…
    I love how vast our earth is that you’re going into autumn and in New York I’m heading towards spring… Such a miracle how that hemisphere stuff all works!
    I’m happy for my friends and family this week as well as the first day of some sign of spring.. We’ve changed the clocks ahead one hour so now more daylight during my evening commute home!
    Cheers to you and another super week!


    1. Hi Lia! The change of year is welcome all over, isn’t it? Can’t wait for autumn leaves – and spring flowers for you, I imagine? The time change can be lovely too. Hope you have a great week x

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