Be your inner child: 8 activities to enjoy just as much as your kids

Parenting, Wonder

Watch kids play and you see tiny moments of wonder that light up their faces – each and every day. They have an incessant urge to get amongst it, take life at full pace, soak it up and spit it out in a burst of crazed energy. Followed by collapsing in a heap recounting the best of their day (sometimes while simultaneously sliding into sleep).

We have a lot to learn.


A week of happiness #9

A week of happiness, Journey true north

Thanks to this week for advent’s first days, it’s you that has sparked our latest great phase. Our cheer will be spread with a bright, festive plan, Christmas days of good wishes, and joyful élan.

I am thankful for many things in this sparkling festive week. Here are some snippets:

Christmas feet


Christmas collage


Feet 2

What were the highlights of your week?

Thanks to A New Life Wandering for this delightful idea.

Not On Facebook. Here’s why.

Journey true north

It’s confession time. Or celebration time. Or something.

I am Not On Facebook. The secret’s out of the bag. You are In The Know.

The pressure to get on the bandwagon has been slowly creeping up. And after years of thinking it through, and almost caving in, I remain resolute. Facebook, I am not on your team.

A cheer for The Silent (hello, introverts!)

Journey true north

There is much to be said (pun intended) for those who are silent. Those who are listeners, watchers. The ones who let the flow of the social world wash over them then quietly retreat away from the busy chaos to rejuvenate and regroup. The come back later, ready for the game.

The Silent can be misunderstood. Be an extrovert and you might find The Silent a bit unnerving. Because, well, what makes sense about someone who only enjoys crowds in bursts? What’s with all that introspection, anyway??

Much, apparently.