Be your inner child: 8 activities to enjoy just as much as your kids

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Watch kids play and you see tiny moments of wonder that light up their faces – each and every day. They have an incessant urge to get amongst it, take life at full pace, soak it up and spit it out in a burst of crazed energy. Followed by collapsing in a heap recounting the best of their day (sometimes while simultaneously sliding into sleep).

We have a lot to learn.


What makes you smile?

Journey true north, Wonder

What inspires you? What makes you smile?  What is it that makes you think the best of the world, or to ponder your place in it?

Even on the darkest of days there is always something that keeps us going, that can help us find the light or lift us to a warming smile.

I’d love to hear about yours. But in the meantime, here are some of mine: