On suffering


Too much darkness in the world. Too much sadness, too much loss. Too much tragedy, pain, hurt and sorrow. Too much shame, damage, and misery.

Too many tears, fears, and anguish. Too much.

Just too much.

To those who are suffering, there are thoughts of love — from the greatest and smallest places, the strongest, and most gentle of minds. There are wishes for you, for peace and rest, healing and calm. For serenity and joy.

This is a week of tragedy. The terrible tragedies of each and every day, and the national tragedies we experience together, and hope never to see again. Some are shared widely, with noise, damaging fury and tears, some are tightly guarded, held in quiet, personal, agonising silence.

To those who suffer, today and tomorrow, to those who live with pain, hurt or with sorrowful memories that will never fade — in small ways, and in large — we are with you.

We are with you.

Now. Always.



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