Weeks of happiness – #12 and #13

A week of happiness, Journey true north

As the year started anew, we had time to bask in some simple moments of happiness – family, travel and a lovely cold swimming pool or two. Here are some of our small highlights.

New toys to bounce on.


Stunning gardens to explore.

Garden 1    Lily pads  Garden2

And the peacefulness of nature, in our hot summery land.


I hope your change of year has been one with simple pleasures to savour. And the year to come offers much to enjoy.

Happy, happy 2015.

Thanks to A New Life Wandering for this delightful idea.


5 thoughts on “Weeks of happiness – #12 and #13

  1. I really enjoy seeing what brought you happiness throughout the weeks. And I like this concept. I need to start focusing on the good things in my life and incorporating this into my blog might be just the thing! Thanks!

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    1. Thanks for your lovely feedback, Kat. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this blogging challenge to date as it makes me stop to consider the moments of happinesses In each week. It has also been a great encouragement to learn more about my camera. I hope you find it just as satisfying 😊

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