Not On Facebook. Here’s why.

Journey true north

It’s confession time. Or celebration time. Or something.

I am Not On Facebook. The secret’s out of the bag. You are In The Know.

The pressure to get on the bandwagon has been slowly creeping up. And after years of thinking it through, and almost caving in, I remain resolute. Facebook, I am not on your team.

It all started with maternity leave. The questions, the peculiar looks.

Pressure point 1: ‘How can you not be on Facebook? It’s essential for mums. It’s the only way to keep in touch and maintain your sanity.’ That may indeed be. But I never liked a trend and somehow people telling me I needed to do it just made me not want to. Also, there is the phone. Oh, and catching up in person. And text…

Pressure point 2: I work in an area in which social media knowledge is a must. I am a bit of a luddite/ late adopter so not being in the loop about the difference between a hashtag, like or follow on the various platforms has not been an easy one to tread. But there it is. It is possible.

Pressure point 3: We have kids. One day those moppets will do more than just swipe across a screen or move animals into place on an educational app. Social media, in whatever form it takes, will no doubt still be there. It might not be Facebook but there will be something. It would serve me well to get amongst it. And yet…

Pressure point 4: I started a blog. Blogging came about because I love writing, I keep saying I enjoy new challenges, and this is an achievable media to write for, with – wait for it – actual feedback and support. The social bit in social media that truly appeals. But with blogging comes the need to promote what you do. Growing an audience is confidence building, strangely addictive and, in the case of tangible writing goals, sensible.

But here’s the rub:

  • I just can’t fathom Facebook. I don’t like the way you have to continually feed the machine. I can’t imagine I have enough content to keep the crowds entertained. Facebook is also hungry and I have (also hungry) kids. This means I have limited time and have to make choices about what I engage with, when and for how long. I’d love to spend hours keeping up with the peeps, but right now, Pinterest wins, Facebook is not in scope.
  • I have a general aim to keep things simple. That is hard to do in a world which aims to get us all to be involved, be busy and overcomplicate. I am victim to all of that some days, but trying to conserve la calma is really what this blog is all about. Another form of being involved just doesn’t fit the plan.
  • On top of all that, and to the best of my knowledge, the audience for Facebook, in Australia and my age bracket, is slowly dwindling. Perhaps people are sharing my policy to simplify life once they hit a certain stage. Being part of the middle generation – wedged between ageing parents and growing children – also reduces free time. Perhaps Facebook gets trapped in that vortex of lost time. All up, it means that some of the folk who might be interested in travelling north with me are probably not in fb-land, but home doing other things instead.

Things might change, but for now, I’m a conscientious objector. For the millions on the big fb, I know it really works. And it’s brilliant for reaching your audience.But for my small part of the world?

It’s just not for me.

What about you?

If you have queries about your own ongoing relationship with Facebook or are an objector in some way, then it would be great to have your thoughts on the topic. If you happen to like this blog, please share it! Your words have power, and without Facebook, any sharing you do is very much appreciated. 


Post dates might move a little over the next few weeks while I take time to write, catch up with long lost family and friends, and test out the limits of some new camera lenses. Then share some of it here. I can’t wait.

Lastly, thanks to those who keep checking in and commenting in this space. I’m glad you’ve found something worth reading.

Thanks to Gratisography for the photo.

19 thoughts on “Not On Facebook. Here’s why.

    1. Trying to find some crafty solutions to that one… or just enjoy the slow and steady ride of support from those lovely early readers. Will let you know — But feel free to add your ideas!


  1. I reluctantly joined in 2013 at the urge of my husband who likes us to have a public presence. I honestly dislike FB and think it is pointless. I do like keeping in touch with long distance family members, but other than that it is a time suck (IMO) and it is all about ego. My husband runs a record label so all social media platforms are needed. However, don’t be fooled. FB limits the number of people who can see your posts unless you …wait for it….PAY THEM! Yes, that is correct. If you are a business on FB – FB limits the number of people who get your feed unless you pay them. Yes, it IS another hungry mouth that adds no value to life – again this is my personal opinion.


      1. I think it depends on your craft and business community but hands down, your website is your face to the world.FB might be great if you are willing to pay for it. Google also offers advertising for a fee.


      2. And sometimes free just fits the bill. Especially if the other option just isn’t working for you. Facebook seems a many layered, complex beast. Just so dominant though – will continue the tiny stand against it!

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  2. Another one joining the forum !! I resisted for ever but opened an account last year when I was helping out with a travel agency and it helpful to forward info to dozens of friends overseas. However, I’ve left company now and find it is a huge waste of time .. people posting every movement of theirs which is of little interest to me. Newsworthy or momentous events – yes .. but what you eat and drink and where you go daily and the flower blooming in your garden or our pets daily antics I can do without.
    FB does not really help my blog either though the link is publicised – its just a totally different reading audience. I find Bloggers and blogging far more interesting and is more my cup of tea ! 🙂


  3. Tomorrow, I say, “See ya later,” to Facebook. I’ll only be off it for 30 days, though! While I was working, there would be times I would live my life without facebook for months. But since becoming a new mom, I used it more and more and I think I’ve become quite addicted to it. Not ready to say goodbye. Meanwhile, you don’t have to say goodbye, because you never even had a Facebook account! I think that’s amazing! Yay, you! 😀


  4. Popped over from The Green Study to see what you’re about, and I seem to have found a fellow believer (or unbeliever)! Most of my family is clear around the other side of the planet, and I eventually gave in to their urging and signed up for FB some years back. But then everybody who knew me in the most casual way wanted to be my friend – and was likely to be deeply hurt if I didn’t reciprocate. And then there was the RELENTLESS flood of glurge, predigested prayers, dogs on death row on the other side of the country, scary facts about the president, flag-waving – on and on and ON. Ugh! Came to the conclusion that FB was an evil timesuck straight from the pit of hell and unsubscribed. If people want to keep in contact, I have email. If I’m not worth an email … well, to FB with ’em.


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