A cheer for The Silent (hello, introverts!)

Journey true north

There is much to be said (pun intended) for those who are silent. Those who are listeners, watchers. The ones who let the flow of the social world wash over them then quietly retreat away from the busy chaos to rejuvenate and regroup. The come back later, ready for the game.

The Silent can be misunderstood. Be an extrovert and you might find The Silent a bit unnerving. Because, well, what makes sense about someone who only enjoys crowds in bursts? What’s with all that introspection, anyway??

Much, apparently.

There’s increasing research into personality types and while some time back the term ‘introvert’ could be considered a derogatory label, it’s increasingly being understood (thank you, Myer Briggs and more) as just another way of being in our big, interesting, many-personed world.

Here are a few things that The Silent are not:

  • They are not shy. Well, they might be, but they might also be just busy taking it all in. And journaling about it afterward.
  • They are not talentless at speaking or telling their own stories. Everyone, and I mean, everyone, has a story to tell. Try asking and see what you get.
  •  They are not always on board. Listening without speaking is not agreeing. Once again, ask a tiny question, get a real answer.
  •  They are not complete in isolation from others. The Silent might sound like they prefer being alone, but they need people too. Just in smaller doses. And with a few more rest breaks in between.

As with everything, it takes all sorts. Cliched or not, without the extroverts there might be less crazy vibrancy in the world. Without the introverts, less soul-filled writing. Whatever your place, it’s the mix that works.

So let’s let those extroverts have their time in the sun, because the introverts are heading home to bed.

For more about introverts and extroverts, check out the terribly entertaining Kerri Sackville, or read more about how introverts can find their energy in Introvert Power.

Silent, or not? What’s your place in the spectrum?

Thanks to Gratisography for the photo.


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