A week of happiness #4

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Also known as – what to enjoy about spring in Australia.

While we have not yet shelved the tissues this week, there has still be much to enjoy. Most of it all about this glorious season. This week we enjoyed gumnuts and blossoms:

gumnut DSC_0092

Flowers aplenty:



And some outdoor pursuits:


What was the best bit of your week?

Thanks to A New Life Wandering for this delightful idea.


6 thoughts on “A week of happiness #4

  1. I love spring too, but am working on more appreciation for autumn! I’ve resolved not to use negative words like “dreary” to describe the weather, and to find something positive about it instead. This afternoon was dark and windy, with a light rain, but warm enough to feel pleasant. A commenter on my blog once described such days as “soft” days. I like that way of looking at it! 🙂


    1. Soft is a lovely way to describe autumn. I love that time of year for the change of colours and easier sleeping through cooler evenings. Not so much the anticipation of a long winter however…


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