What makes you smile?

Journey true north, Wonder

What inspires you? What makes you smile?  What is it that makes you think the best of the world, or to ponder your place in it?

Even on the darkest of days there is always something that keeps us going, that can help us find the light or lift us to a warming smile.

I’d love to hear about yours. But in the meantime, here are some of mine:

ThxThxThx – this is the blog that made me love blogs. It’s been around for a while and is still worth a look. Snappy, and happy.

Brain Pickings – this thoughtful, thought provoking, incredibly well-researched and creative blog takes some time and energy to absorb. And it’s well worth the time.

Playing on Pinterest. My current source of daily inspiration. There is so much happiness to find in the stunning photography and content across this site. Take a look, start a movement, find something for you.Cruise around these to get the ball rolling:


Night skies



Bright colours – see, above. Colour truly lifts my mood.

As always, what warms my soul like no other is the company of the folk, small and big, who I most love. Thank you, to them, for being inspiring in so many different ways.

Now, tell me – what’s sparkling in your day today?


6 thoughts on “What makes you smile?

  1. Although I am totally running behind with everything and feel like stressing out slightly, the beautiful weather (today feels like summer has arrived) and our Halloween party a little bit later (combined with the excitement of the kids) make my day sparkle 🙂


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