Stepping back to step forward

Journey true north, Parenting

In seeing what still fits in the new world order, I have come to the conclusion that the process of travelling true north does need some degree of structure. Not an all encompassing project plan, but a general roadmap of what to achieve and how to go through the process.

So, in thinking it through (as much as you can in about a couple of weeks since first deciding) and reading the how a few others have taken on a similar process, I’ve settled on a general approach. This is: to look at some of the old activities, approaches, ways of life that I used to enjoy – as well as some new ones – and to trial them to see just how well they fit. And then decide what will truly suit.

Recent research shows that it can take anywhere from 66 days to 250 to change a habit or create a new one. Not the often used but misquoted 21 days, sad to say. So, I’m setting around two months for each general goal.

This is the journey true north. As with any journey I fully expect that it will be changed, updated, some flights will be cancelled, the ride could be rocky, and the car out of fuel, life/ work/ family may change the parameters, illness may drag it on, and my own willingness to stay on a track may well wane and the journey lose its lustre. And all of that, to me, is just perfectly fine. Because while the goal does matter, the journey is the living. And it’s the process, as well as a small amount of discipline, more than where I end up, that may well be the greatest achievement of all.

With September waning and October soon upon us I can say I’ve started my two months of stepping back: scheduling some time to take better care of myself. It’s a well worn path that parents in general, and mothers particularly, note as lost in the process of becoming a parent. And that’s where I’m beginning. I look forward to the journey…

For more on the value of Me Time, visit Michaela Fox’s Not Another Slippery Dip.


5 thoughts on “Stepping back to step forward

  1. Yes, I agree — it takes time, and willingness to try new things, to find what suits. And it’s also important to regularly clear away the old stuff that no longer fits well, so as to make physical and mental space to welcome the new!


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