Finding a sense of wonder


Some time ago I was fortunate to spend time with a coach.

This involved assessing the many aspects of my life, prioritising just a few areas to develop, and planning what I wanted to achieve. One part of this process was undertaking the VIA Character Strengths survey to help better understand my strengths, then using these to help reach my preferred goals.

According to this approach, there are six core values, considered the ‘core characteristics valued by moral philosophers and religious thinkers’, and beneath these six values are 24 individual character strengths, which each person has to greater or lesser degree. The theory here is the basis for much positive psychology and while there are pros and cons, I came away from the experience feeling bolstered, and with new ways of looking at life and the world.

In learning what my strengths are according to the survey, I started to see how these form part of my life, part of my way of thinking. And, perhaps to my surprise, I have found that tips on how to further develop these strengths has remained with me and I unconsciously adopt in my daily activities.

One of these is appreciating beauty and excellence: having a sense of awe, a sense of wonder.

While their are many ways to see the world, and many ways to appreciate it, I’d like to take this one as a starting point and share it, with a photo. There’s something about coloured lights on a dark evening that always lifts my mood.

What gives you a sense of wonder?


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