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Bless coffee.

It’s currently the starting point of my day. It punctuates my afternoon and offers an enticing treat to counter the clockwork lunchtime exhaustion that comes with small children.

The happiness of coffee far outweighs any of its lesser highlights. To coffee I say this:

  • thank you for pepping me up every morning, especially through those months of 5 hours broken sleep, when small people were very small (though pepping up does simply mean being able to speak)
  • thank you for giving soy milk a true place in the world
  • thank you for ensuring that much of the western world can work a full day without needing to have rest under the desk. It’s no mean feat for one beverage.

Dear coffee, you are not officially part of my way back to centre. You weren’t there in the first place, but you are certainly a part of the revised me that will make the cut.

Thanks. And well done.


4 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. For me this would be written to Dr. Pepper, but the theory is the same. Sadly, though I LOVE the smell of coffee, I have never acquired a taste for it…though a frothy coffee hot chocolate mix is tasty!! Very well said!


  2. I only recently discovered the joys of coffee about 2 weeks ago. Already I am hooked and look forward to my morning coffee more than anything..and my afternoon cup..and evening..haha yeah I am pretty much a coffee addict now!


  3. I missed coffee so much when I was pregnant! i find it bewildering how some parents function without it. For me its almost worth waking up extra early so i get to drink a HOT cup of coffee before the kids get up.


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